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Why i have chosen this subject?

Imagine the unimaginable...

Imagine that the american continent had never exist...

Can you imagine how a world without America be like, a world without this superpower on which we rely on sa much?

Probably the entire world would have been a chaos! WHY?...

Firstly, USA represents the global balance of power.Without the USA, rivals India and Pakistan might well find cause to unleash the dogs of war in South Asia - undoubtely leading to history's first nuclear weapons. In Afganistan, al Qaeda would still be an honored guest, schiming over a global caliphate streching from Spain to Indonesia. In Asia, China would be "Mddle Kingdom", jobbling up democratic Taiwan and compelling pacifis Japan to join the nuclear weapons club. The Koreas might fight another horrific war, resulting in million sof deaths. In Africa, Liberia would stll be under Charles Taylor's sway, and Sudan would have no peace agreeement. In Europe, the people would probably be under the nasism and Hitler's domination.

Secondly, a world without this superpower would be a world without many medicines and medical advances like: band aid, surgery, blood bank, contact lences, x-rays, polio vaccine.

Thirdly, it would be a world without much progress, without telephone, refrigerator, elecricity, cars, toilet paper, chewing gum, jeans, potato chips, Mc Donal's etc.ll in all, a world without America would be a world with less freedom, without many medical advances, without countries like Israel, a poorer world and held to ransom by tyrans.

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